Drawings by Gerard Baldwin

The drawings below are typical examples of what I can draw for you. Copyrights prevent any reproductions.
Each drawing will be a one-of-a-kind original of any character you choose.

Rocky and Bullwinkle Classics Magic HatRocky and Bullwinkle Classics Magic Hat
Rocky and Bullwinkle Classics

Boris ChemistryRocky and Bullwinkle Radio
Boris and Rocky and Bullwinkle are used in science classroom illustrations.

Peabody Time MachinePeabody Dinosaur
Peabody will take your illustration back in time!

Dudley Doright cheerfully at your service!Dudley Doright cheerfully at your service!
Dudley Doright cheerfully at your service!

Rocky and Bullwinkle FirefightingRocky and Bullwinkle Golf
Treat someone to a customized drawing involving their profession or sport.

Boris and NatashaRocky and Bullwinkle Caving
More professions and sports

Tom Slick Rocky
Tom Slick


Smurf Brainy Trashcan Man Smurf Grouchy
...and lots more!

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